We provide Japanese and very beautiful prostitutes

Local 090-8036-1585
International +81 90-8036-1585
Open AM10:00 - Close AM05:00
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Tokyo Shibuya Escort Service


60min (1shot)
90min (2shot)
120min (2shot)

Traveling Fee

Shinjyuku / Gotanda / Shinagawa
Akasaka / Ropponngi / Ookubo
Other area

Basic Services

French kiss
Licking whole body
Blowjob with no skin
Titty fuck
Intercrural sex (sumata)
Shower play

Credit Card



I am a foreigner. Can I use the service?
Yes, you can.
Are the girls in your store Japanese?
Yes, they are all young Japanese. Yes, they are all young Japanese.
Can you call them at my hotel?
Basically, yes. Please let us know the name of the hotel first.
Can I use a credit card?
Yes, we do. Please check with the restaurant.

Terms of Service

・Commiting and negotiations for sexual intercourse, the use of violence, recording, sneak photography and headhunting.
・A person who is drunk, use drugs and has STDs/STIs.
・Asking companions for date, using own goods, and doing anything our ladies don't like.All banned from our service.When we consider that customers' behavior comes under them, services will be immediately stopped.In such a case, customers will not be reimbursed.If we, including our companions, think customers' behavior is malicious, we will notify the police and resort to legal means.When you use our services, we consider that you accept "Terms of Service".
We reserve the right to refuse service to customers who meet the following conditions.
Customers who are under 18 or high school students.
Customers who are involved in a gang, or who are in the same line of business.
Customers who are considered to be too intoxicated and dirty.
Customers who seem to have STDs.
Customers who use stimulant drugs or banned medical substances.
Customers who do not have a bathroom and a shower in their home.
Customers who require outcall to a detached house or to a hotel room where there are several people.
Customers who cannot get in touch with us.
Customers whose behavior is considered to be inappropriate for our services.